• Hotel CLAVIS ***, Jókaiho 22, 98401 Lučenec
  • Recepcia: +421 47 4303838

On the first floor is a multifunctional room for seminars and social events.

Conference room may be used for conferences, seminars, lectures, training courses and business presentations and is fully equipped with sound system, dataprojector, electrically controlled screen, notebook, wi-fi internet and flipchart. Bring your presentation on USB flash drive or a CD/DVD - and we will do the rest in our/your hotel Clavis.

Our staff can adjust the room accordingly and create a really pleasant setting for social events, weddings, birthday parties and other family or social gatherings. We realize that some events require a more romantic touch while others call for dignity. But mainly, we realize that it is our obligation to carry out your orders.

Conference room